Georgia on my mind

“Georgia, Georgia

The whole day through (the whole day through)

Just an old sweet song

Keeps Georgia on my mind”

If you recognized those lyrics from the music icon Ray Charles, then you have come to the right place! Did you know Albany, GA is the birthplace of Ray Charles? This leads us to our first thing to do in Albany GA.

5) Ray Charles Plaza- Grab a piano key bench and check out the life-size sculpture of Ray Charles seated at a Baby Grand Piano. Songs play at different times throughout the day as water flows from the sculpture and spills into a pool at the bottom. Pro-Tip: Go at night to see it light up and enjoy the “concert.”

4) Chehaw Park and Zoo– Check out South Georgia’s best wildlife attraction that sits on 700 acres. For a very affordable price, (the most expensive ticket is $11.98,) there is plenty of fun for everyone! What is included in the cost of park admission?

· Splash Park

· Disc Golf Course

· Fishing

· Remote Control race Track

· Trails for hikers and bikers

· The Zoo

Like we said, Fun for Everyone!

3) Radium Springs Gardens– one of Georgia’s Seven Natural Wonders, and the state’s largest natural spring. Clear underground cave water pumps out about 70,000 gallons per minute at a lovely 68 degrees. Enjoy a picnic in one of the gazebos, or take a walk through the garden and courtyard. This historic site will NOT disappoint!

2) Craft Axe Throwing– Ready to take it inside? With 18 throwing lanes, a stocked bar, and lots of memories to be made, Craft Axe offers a unique form of recreation. Head on in to create a memorable experience that you can’t wait to tell your friends and family

about! The staff are super nice, (or so we hear,) and are happy to show you how to hit the bullseye! Ditch the ordinary routine and try something extraordinary!

1) Munchies and Thirst(ies)– From Harvest Moon which has hearty slices of pizza to Bottoms Up, which has wine, beer, and spirits, Albany has it all. Need a recommendation or two?

· Harvest Moon- Laidback tavern with Pizza, calzones, and sandwiches.

· Blackbeard’s- Seafood and BBQ- what a combo!

· The Flint- Feeling Fancy? Check this nicer restaurant out located on the Flint River

· Sugar Mama’s Bakery- Sweet-toothed people, you go here.

· Bottoms Up- Now that’s the Spirit(s)! Ready to grab some drinks to take home, head on over here. Check their calendar for tasti

Albany, Georgia has many fun things for you to do when you are looking for a fun night out. Whether you are visiting Craft Axe Throwing or doing something else, we hope this list was informative for you and your group of friends, family, or coworkers.

Want to reserve your lane for axe throwing, click here to get started.