Craft Axe New Location in GA


Albany, GA- Craft Axe Throwing has acquired local axe throwing venue, Twisted Timber. The official announcement was made on April 1st via social media. The acquisition talks began in January and ended in early March.

“We are excited about acquiring Twisted Timber and making it part of the Craft Axe Throwing family,” said Craft Axe Throwing founder Jake Jensen. “Our goal is to continue providing the wonderful experiences Twisted Timber has provided to the people of Albany.”

The acquisition of Twisted Timber fits into Craft Axe Throwing’s strategy to provide memorable experiences for all of its guests. Craft Axe Throwing’s goal is to ensure that all guests will continue having the same, high-quality experience that guests have at Twisted Timber, even if it is under different ownership moving forward.

Once the official “opening” date is set, Craft Axe Throwing will be holding a special fundraiser for the previous owner of Twisted Timber. He has gone through some very difficult times recently (health problems, etc), and Craft Axe Throwing wants to help out in any way it can. More details will be released soon.

Media Contact:

Trent Larkins

[email protected]