Health Benefits of Axe Throwing

A new trend in the fitness world, axe-throwing, developed from deep within the Middle Ages. Its roots as a competition sport come from the first settlements in North America, where frontiersmen brought hatchets to be used as tomahawks by Native Americans. Axe-throwing transitioned through the years as a lumberjack sport and, within the last 20 years, has become an increasingly popular bar activity for stressed-out millennials. It has become so popular that a World Axe Throwing League was formed in 2017, to organize international competitions that are broadcast on ESPN.

You may wonder why axe-throwing? How did such an obscure sport become so popular? But there is much to enjoy about it; it’s a relaxed sport, participants can go at their own pace and make it as competitive or easygoing as they want. Many play axe-throwing with strategy in mind, and others simply hurl the axe as hard as they can.

Axe-throwing is more primal than many other sports or workout routines. The way it helps people blow off steam is part of what makes it a favorite, but swinging your arm as hard as possible to strike a target brings more therapeutic benefits than one might think.

The biggest mental health benefit is the stress-relieving aspect. Think about the last time you went for a run and how great you felt afterward. Now connect that exercise with the audible, satisfying crunch after landing the axe on the wooden target. Simply put, axe-throwing feels good. The sport itself feels vicious, yet not overly complicated. It requires a gentle focus that moves attention from the daily stressors towards the sport, without taking away the social aspect. Axe-throwing provides a purgative release of stress.

The second benefit is a physical one. Axe-throwing provides a full-body workout, specifically for the shoulders, lats, and core. The axe is a pound-and-a-half steel hatchet being thrown around 12 feet; the body will get a great workout. When throwing, participants bring the axe above their heads, elbows to their ears, and let it fly, while shifting all their weight forward. The morning after axe-throwing, the body will be sore.

Not only does axe-throwing work the upper body, but the legs as well. The strength of the throw is dependent upon the lower body. To make a hard throw, you must shift your weight from the back leg to the front, with incredible force. The advantage of axe throwing is that it is a fun activity that can be done alone or with friends, which means a full-body workout can be enjoyed without noticing its physical demands.

An additional benefit of axe throwing is the social aspect. Axe throwing can be done with many groups of people, or individually. Perfect for office or friend groups, axe-throwing puts social groups in a team-building, competitive environment. Often, axe-throwing bars have community events where different groups are paired together. By the end of the session, they can all be seen as friends.

Axe throwing is the perfect event to get to know coworkers outside the office. True personalities shine through when people can let loose and throw an axe around. It brings up friendly office competitions, from boss to employee, to the best employee of the month! Axe-throwing reminds coworkers of the positives of working together, as well as relieves the daily stress.

An extreme self-defense tactic can also be learned through axe-throwing. Not necessarily with axes, but the ability to hit a target spot-on is a worthwhile skill. Axe-throwing is a hand-eye coordination practice that is beneficial for everyday life. And who knows, when the zombie apocalypse finally arrives, anyone with decent axe-throwing skills will survive. You want to survive, right?

Axe-throwing is a sport that feels untamed, making it so popular. While not only creating fond memories, competitors will enjoy a stress-relieving workout, designed to create closer connections with the surrounding people.