Craft Axe Throwing

History of Axe Throwing

The history of axe throwing goes all the way back to the early days in America. The tomahawk was used by Native Americans in battle. Contrary to popular belief, Native Americans did not throw their axe in battle, it was one of their most valuable hand-to-hand combat weapons. Instead, early American settlers would set up tournaments in town when they would come trade and throw axes at targets. Today, you do not have to look for the closest trading post to see if you are the king of axe throwing. We have you covered!

Now that you know the history of axe throwing, begin to search our website to find the nearest axe throwing facility near you. If you have never thrown an axe, do not worry! We will make sure you know all of the different stances and forms you can use to topple your opponents.  Click “Plan Your Visit” above to begin your axe throwing adventure. See you soon!