How to Throw an Axe

Throwing an axe, or hatchet, is simple and fun activity that seems like it should be dangerous, but it’s not.   A lot of people can be intimidated before their first throw, but after knowing the basics, there’s nothing to be afraid of.  This post will help you out with what to expect, so you can come into our axe throwing facility with confidence and ready to have a good time!

Picking the axe for you.

The first thing you have to decide is what type of axe, or hatchet, you want to throw.  At our facilities, we have two different options.  The ‘axe’ which is our larger, heavier throwing axe, or the hatchet, which is a lighter weight throwing option.   Pick the axe for you based on what you can handle comfortable and are able to raise above your head.

Decide your throwing style

There are two styles of axe throwing we allow at our locations; the two-handed throw, and the one-handed throw.   We recommend starting off with the two handed throw until you get comfortable with the distance and where to release the axe during your throw.  However, both are extremely fun to throw, so start with the throw you feel most comfortable with.

The two-handed throw

We call this the beginner throw because it allows you to have more control of your axe.  Simply grip your axe with both hands and raise the axe straight over your head.  Check your surroundings, and throw the axe, releasing it once your hands reach eye-level.

The one-handed throw

Looking for something a bit more challenging? Try the one-handed throw.  This throw probably more familiar to you if you’ve ever throwing a football.  Grip the axe, raise it over head, and release when your hand gets to eye-level.

Finding your stance.

Once you find a throwing style you’re comfortable with, the next thing to do is perfect your stance.   You want the axe to only rotate one time before it sticks into the target, so you want to stand anywhere from 12′ to 15′ from the target depending on your height and throwing style.  We’ve measure this distance for you, so you just need to stand anywhere within our throwing box.   There are also two different stances depending on if you’re throwing one-handed or two-handed.

For the two-handed throw, you’ll want to stand in the throwing box with your feet parallel to the target, roughly shoulder width apart.  Once, you get comfortable throwing, you’ll want to adjust your distance from the target so you can stick it every time!
For the one-handed throw, you’ll want to place the opposite leg of your throwing arm forward, and throw the axe as you would a football or baseball.  Once, you get comfortable throwing, adjust your distance from the target until you consistently can stick your axe in the target.

Have fun!

Axe throwing is as simple as that!  The rest of axe throwing comes down to having fun, which we know you will!  Hope this blog post helps you overcome your apprehensions of coming out to see us.  See you soon.