Craft Axe Throwing

International Beer Day- August 2nd!

Celebrate International Beer Day!

These days there are so many brews of beer to try and it can get complicated trying to remember which brews are your favorite. On August 2nd, we will celebrate International Beer Day by hosting a beer tasting so you can try our beers and find out which ones are your favorites. The beer tasting will take place from 7-9pm on August 2nd.

Reserve Your Spot!

To reserve your spot for our beer tasting, all you have to do is reserve your axe throwing lane at the location nearest you. Make sure your throwing time is between 7-9pm to take part of our beer tasting on International Beer Day. To reserve your lane, click the link at the bottom of this page to be directed to a page where you will choose the Craft Axe Throwing location nearest you. See you on International Beer Day!

It’s simple, yet intriguing.

Even though it seems like there is quite a bit involved with axe throwing, the process is pretty simple. The art of throwing doesn’t come down to how strong you are, or how fast you can throw, but it’s more about finesse. Once you learn where to stand, you can learn how to throw an axe with both hands, or even the one handed throw.

Once you get the basics of axe throwing down, there are several fun games to play, such as the game of Eleven, where you start with 11 points and you deduct points until you reach 0. If you go below 0, your points don’t count, so you have to throw exactly 11 points to win, similar to darts. Even though the game sounds simple, it’s a lot of fun and gets challenging as you get closer to zero.

Sticking your first axe is an exhilarating experience, and makes you want to keep coming back for more. By the end of your session, it’s likely that you will have learned how to properly throw an axe and even throw a few bullseyes, which is always something to celebrate.

Reserve Your Spot for the Beer Tasting!