International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a perfect time to get your axe out and show how women can really rule. It’s an event that not only celebrates female empowerment but also throws down the gauntlet for anyone who wants some action-packed fun!

Axe throwing seems like it’s a man’s sport. Typically associated with vikings, the Brawny man and lumberjacks, women often think they wouldn’t do well. In recent years, however, competitive and leisure axe throwing has become increasingly popular among women ages 25-50, combining a form of stress relief with low-impact exercise to provide a new avenue for women to venture in. In the professional throwers realm, women are breaking ceilings and going head-to-head against men to become highly ranked worldwide. Female throwers, such as Anna Kohl and Carly Chalom, are becoming standouts in a sport once dominated by men. The accuracy and strength of axe throwing don’t necessarily go hand-in-hand like many would think. While men may throw with brute strength, women focus more on precision and accuracy. 

Craft Axe Throwing employs many women across its locations, many of which participate in axe throwing leagues. To celebrate International Women’s Day, each location is doing something special, with events such as seltzer tastings, gift baskets or gift certificates to local wineries. Head out to your local Craft Axe Throwing to be a bad “axe” woman, where it’s a compliment to throw like a girl.