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How do you celebrate the biggest day of the year? No, not Christmas or Independence Day. The day you’re allowed to be selfish: your BIRTHDAY. Many people choose to go to dinner, get the free dessert after their meal, or hit up the local bar scene after they hit 21; even then, some choose to stay home and chill. Whatever your style, Craft Axe Throwing has everything you’d want for your next birthday celebration!

Since 2018, Craft Axe Throwing has been the go-to place to have a fun, memorable and relaxed event. By signing up for My Birthday Bonus, you get to pick a date up to 7 days before or after your birthday to come in and throw axes for an hour FOR FREE! Who doesn’t like FREE on their birthday? On top of that, our facilities allow you to bring in outside food, so your friends can bring in that awesome ice cream cake you’ve had your eye on. Spice up the fun by purchasing some craft beers or ciders to quench your thirst! Many of our locations have additional recreational games to play after your hour of hatchet throwing has wrapped up!

All you have to do to sign up is click the link below, fill the form out with some super basic information, and you’ll receive an email closer to your date of birth. Bring in that email to any of our eleven locations nationwide to redeem your birthday gift from us! Plus, inform the team at Craft Axe of your birthday in advance and they may even decorate a lane for you!* Thinking of a monster bash? Contact us to close the store down for a private event!** You’ll impress your family and friends with this unique party–and by doing something that YOU wanted to do!

Sign up for our Birthday rewards program, by clicking the button below!

*only available at select locations with a minimum 24-hour notice

**must be booked in advance