Throw with the Pros by Joining an Axe Throwing League

Axe throwing has been around for quite some time. Professional throwing, however, wasn’t “a thing” until 2016, when the International Axe Throwing Federation was founded. In 2017, the World Axe Throwing League (WATL)  was created, propelling talented hatchet throwers into the world of professional sports, airing tournaments and championships on ESPN. Craft Axe Throwing, founded in 2018, is affiliated with WATL, hosting more than 50 members across 11 locations in the USA each season.

team building

While leagues may not propel one to immediate stardom akin to Tom Brady, many members find growth in, not only their skill but their sense of community as primary reasons to join a league–and why they keep coming back. “The sense of community is what builds and keeps a league,” says Jesse Belcher, Guest Services Coordinator at Craft Axe Throwing. “Leagues are not only great for sharing your love of axe throwing, but also making new friends who share your other interests as well.” Many throwers are able to develop new techniques by learning new tricks, implementing tips they receive from their fellow members, or even by training up the next generation of throwers by mentoring beginners. 

Like any other professional sport, Axe Throwers have a strong level of craftsmanship; that said, not many sports allow creativity in the equipment they use. The majority of league throwers have custom-made axes, ranging from the weight (approved by WATL), to painted handles and engraved axe heads, furthering the sense of pride in the game. “Axe customization is a great way to show people a little bit of your life outside of the lanes,” adds Jesse. “You’ll have no trouble finding a custom axe maker who will be happy to adorn your handle and blade with your favorite colors, designs or pop culture references.” If participating in a national tournament, league members also will get the chance to customize their jersey, getting the chance to represent their home axe house or other sponsors that have supported their journey.

Craft Axe Throwing locations have their own leagues they run. By joining a league, you’ll get the chance to play in national tournaments, compete on ESPN, and meet people within your community with similar interests. Plus, what other sport lets you have a nice, cold beer while you throw (well… outside of tournaments)? The cost runs about $135 per season per thrower, but if you plan to do duals with your buddy, the price will be $125 (total, not each!). Seasons typically are 7 weeks, followed by the 8th week of tournament play. Don’t have your own axe? Craft Axe Throwing has you covered, with plenty available for you to use at no additional cost.

Axe Throwing with friends

Craft Axe Throwing throws in a couple of perks as well: free throwing outside of leagues and a free T-shirt to rep when you’re out and about. Think you’ve got what it takes to throw with the pros? Check with your local Craft Axe Throwing to see when the next season starts!