Is Axe Throwing the Perfect Date Idea?

Try axe throwing for your next date night!

Looking for new “date night” ideas? Move over bowling, movies, or going to a local bar, because pizza and axe throwing is the new date night craze!
The thought of throwing an axe trying to get it to stick in a target may sound scary, or difficult. However, the coaches at Craft Axe Throwing are there to help anyone stick their axe into the target. They will help you with your footing, stance, and teach you that throwing an axe is all about having fun.

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We serve beer.

For $20 per person, you can reserve your lane and a coach that will keep you safe and give you pointers throughout your session. The best part is they serve beer, and generally have a wide selection of craft beers from local breweries for you to try while you’re enjoying the experience of learning to throw an axe.

It’s simple, yet intriguing.

Even though it seems like there is quite a bit involved with axe throwing, the process is pretty simple. The art of throwing doesn’t come down to how strong you are, or how fast you can throw, but it’s more about finesse. Once you learn where to stand, you can learn how to throw an axe with both hands, or even the one handed throw.
Once you get the basics of axe throwing down, there are several fun games to play, such as the game of Eleven, where you start with 11 points and you deduct points until you reach 0. If you go below 0, your points don’t count, so you have to throw exactly 11 points to win, similar to darts. Even though the game sounds simple, it’s a lot of fun and gets challenging as you get closer to zero.
Sticking your first axe is an exhilarating experience, and makes you want to keep coming back for more. By the end of your session, it’s likely that you will have learned how to properly throw an axe and even throw a few bullseyes, which is always something to celebrate.

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Craft Axe Throwing makes a perfect date night if you are looking for something new, fun, and exciting to do. Reserve your lane today.