Mother’s Day 2022

Moms Throw FREE!

Mother’s Day is a great way to treat your mom to a night out at Craft Axe Throwing. As a child, you put your Mom through a lot and a night out doing a fun activity is a great way to show your appreciation. At Craft Axe Throwing, she can demonstrate her skills with an axe and further show you how awesome she really is.

No, axe throwing is not just for men. Mothers throughout history have protected their children with the nearest tool available and sometimes it happened to be with an axe. Sure you can still treat her with a bouquet of flowers and a nice dinner, but you can also bring her to Craft Axe Throwing for her to show off those motherly skills.

Mother’s throw for free May 8-11. If you are unable to bring her into Craft Axe Throwing during that time period, get her a gift card! There isn’t a more unique gift than a gift card for Craft Axe where Mom can show off those instinctive protective, motherly skills. Your Mom can show everyone how she can kick ‘axe’!

Check out the location nearest you to celebrate this special day!

*Note: If you reserve a lane online, it will show as you being charged for all members in your party. However, we charge the card on file only when you show up for your reservation. We will mark moms as a free visit in-person and then charge your card on file.