Craft Axe Throwing

New Entertainment Activity

Axe Throwing is the New Entertainment Activity

Everyone is always looking for activities to do with their friends, family, and coworkers. A normal entertainment activity may be bowling, attending a ballgame, or just hanging out at the house. Now is the time to change up your normal routine by bringing your crew to Craft Axe Throwing!

Instead of going to the bowling alley or the movie theater, next time make sure you visit the newest entertainment activity- Craft Axe Throwing!

Did we mention that we serve beer? Yep, come visit us and check our wide selection of brews (mostly local) that you and your friends can enjoy during your axe throwing experience.

What is Axe Throwing?

Craft Axe Throwing is a game anyone can play and win! The goal is simple- stick the axe in the target and score points! The targets are very similar to a target you would find while playing darts at a bar. The target has outer circles that count as points if you stick it, and a bullseye at the center! Throw with your friends to see who is the #1 axe thrower of your group!

Convinced that Craft Axe Throwing needs to be your next entertainment activity? Good. Click the button below to reserve your lane today!