It has been weeks since we’ve all been asked to quarantine in our homes due to the current pandemic. The initial excitement of being able to catch up on sleep and work in our pajamas has most assuredly worn off for most people by now. Most of us are just waiting for the virus to stop acting like a hormonal teenager; desperate to fit in and certain it looks cool; not realizing it’s just being obnoxious and everyone has about had enough of its attitude.  So, if you’ve read all the books on your list and exhausted your Netflix watch list, here are some ideas to help you feel more productive.

  1. Clean out those cupboards. The kind of clean where you finally match up the lids to the container and throw out what doesn’t have a mate. You know what I’m talking about! While you’re at it, you might as well finish going through those few boxes that were shoved into the back of the closet when you moved in four years ago. Don’t forget the box of cords and plugs to the electronics you probably don’t use anymore. 
  2. Learn a new language. You know, that thing you promised yourself you’d take up 2 New Years Eve’s ago because you were going to “be a better you!”? Well, you have the time now! There are some great apps and websites, many of them free (my kids love Duolingo) that will help you. Just think how impressed your mom will be when you tell her how you’ve been spending your time!
  3. Take up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try. You don’t have to be great; you just have to have fun trying it. Try painting, wood burning, knitting, making candles. You could build a Lego sculpture worthy of a spot at Lego Land, film a short movie, learn photography, color like a kid, do a challenging puzzle, or learn to code. You can teach your dog to dance, or, if you’re bad at it, let him teach you! Once you pick something that sounds interesting to you; dive in with absolute enthusiasm. You’ll be glad you spent time trying something new.
  4. Finish the unfinished. Those projects that fell to the wayside because you no longer had the time you did when you first started them. Finish painting the interior of the house, replant your “garden” that’s only growing weeds, at the moment. Pick up that instrument you used to enjoy playing, finish the book you were writing, or the baby blanket you were making for your nephew…who’s now 8.
  5. Experiment with new recipes. Now is the perfect time to find new recipes. You can’t host anyone at the moment; so you might as well find a new signature dish you can serve all your friends when you can host your “I missed your faces!” party.
  6. If you’re feeling extra motivated to shake the cobwebs from your noggin, try taking free online courses. You won’t get credit for them; but many great schools such as MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and Yale all host free online courses so you can learn something new. The course offerings are extremely diverse so there’s sure to be something to pique your interest. 

While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of ideas to keep you busy; I hope you found it helpful to start thinking about ways to keep yourself entertained and maybe even learn something new. Until then, stay safe and remember to wash your hands!

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