Team Bonding Activity

Corporations worldwide are constantly on the lookout for new experiences to bring their team together. Regardless of what the team likes, typically bosses go for the company picnic: some grilling, maybe some sand volleyball. Others go for the typical ropes course. Instead of those, do something that will create an experience. Doing something outside of comfort zones can create a common connection that the team will embrace and grow into.

Here at Craft Axe Throwing, we thrive on unique experiences. You don’t need a full-on step-by-step ropes course to build a cohesive environment: sometimes all you need is some sharp objects and a cold beer. Our wide selection of craft and domestic beers and ciders will add to the relaxed environment, allowing the team to open up with one another, and establish meaningful relationships with the crew they work with, bonded by this shared experience: Learning to be bad axes in and out of the cubicle! 

Our trained team members will teach your group how to throw a hatchet, walk you through the available games to play, and ensure the group has a great time. Once that first bullseye sticks, the rest of the team will work hard to also achieve that and kickstart the comradery of cheering each other on – but also start some friendly competition!

Our Guest Services team can create a private event to fit any budget–from drink coins to full facility rentals, we will do all the work on the backend. Our only requirement is that you and your team have FUN. As the first of our core values, we want to make sure that the fun kickstarts a beneficial change in communication, trust, and team growth that begins with just the throwing of an axe. 

Team bonding should be at the top of any company’s list: by getting out of the office, your team has the chance to make memories that will shape the way they interact with one another, and bring back positivity and encouragement to work. Learn to live a little, be courteous, be effective communicators, and increase team morale by hatchet throwing. Book your next company outing with Craft Axe Throwing!