Craft Axe Throwing

Team Outings

You have heard of the usual team bonding events such as:

Laser Tag

Scavenger Hunt

Community Volunteering

Karaoke Night (Yikes! No one wants to watch Brad get drunk and sing Pour Some Sugar on Me”

Mystery Dinner Party

The problem with these events is that it becomes repetitive to team members and is no longer as exciting as it once was.

Leave the mystery out of planning your next team outing and let Craft Axe show you how it’s done! 

Our facilities are the perfect place to bring your team for a fun office party. “Why would we want to go to Craft Axe Throwing?”  The question is – WHY WOULDN’T YOU?!

Fun Facts:

  • Craft is in our name, and beer is ( one of our) games! Craft Beer, seltzers, and good ole reliable (like natty light) will be at the bar waiting for you. 
  • We aren’t just axes- Multiblade rentals are available to book online, or rent once you get there. Ninja Stars, cards, batman wings, knives and more! 
  • Games- we got ‘em! Say no to those boring team building questions and let your team socialize while enjoying some friendly competition. 
  • Tunes- ok so on the off chance you DO want to hear Brad sing Def Leopard covers, our locations play some pretty sweet jams. Want a theme for your team? Ask our customer service axeperts and we’ll whip something up for you. 
  • Last but not least, FUN! We GUARANTEE your team will have a good time! Our mission is to create memorable experiences for our guests and team so they can’t wait to tell their friends. 

So, what are you waiting for??? Book now! 

Or ya know, sit in a circle at the office and do Q&A’s like, “ What’s your pets name?” “How many siblings do you have?”

The choice is yours….talk to our events team by filling out this short form. They will be in contact with you shortly!