Craft Axe Throwing

The Ultimate Date Experience

Every couple needs a few good date nights; more often than not, any plans for those turn into dinner and a movie. Go off the beaten path: Competition between partners generates friendly banters, maybe even some flirting and teamwork – so why not add some excitement by throwing sharp hatchets at targets?

Since 2006, competitive axe throwing has swept North America and beyond, fueling contests of strength and precision. It has since grown into a professional sport, with ESPN broadcasting many World Axe Throwing League competitions and individual leagues popping up at axe houses across the country. While some may see this as just another guys-night-out type of activity, many couples are bringing date night to a whole new level. 

Planning the first date with your newest match? Visit your local axe house and be trained to throw like the pros! When you’re at a venue, there’s no need to be nervous. The laid-back atmosphere will allow both of you to get comfortable with each other and start talking! Still thinking you need a little liquid courage? Many axe throwing locations offer alcohol, ranging from craft beers to wine, and ease into a little flirty banter to get the sparks flying!

Maybe your long-term partner is looking for something a little more edgy. Invite out another couple for a double-date night! Keep things civil with your partner, but go toe-to-toe with the opposing team for a contest to determine the superior pair, and end the round with a beer to celebrate the winners!

Additionally, couples looking to relieve stress and fit in a little workout will find both with this entertaining activity. Hatchet throwing provides both mental relief as well as physical benefits, giving you the opportunity to work your upper back muscles while simultaneously letting go of tension built up by aiming at targets! Even when playing against each other, you and your partner can cheer each other on during turns, allowing you both to bond and release the weight of the day. As a bonus, the energy that hatchet throwing exerts will boost the chemical in your brain that triggers happiness: endorphins.

No matter if you’re newly dating or married for several years, axe throwing is sure to bring out your inner bad “axe” and create a date to remember: As Elle Woods in “Legally Blonde” says, “Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy!” Don’t deny an experience that will make you both happy and bring you closer together–book your next date night with your local axe house!