Craft Axe Throwing

Trivia Night Ideas

Who doesn’t like a bit of trivia?! For a bit of entertainment, I have gathered some random facts about beer, breweries, and axes. Let’s see how well you know your stuff! We’ll print the answers in next week’s blog post.

Trivia Question Answers

1. How many points are the small blue dots in each corner of the axe throwing scoreboard worth?
   10 points
2. A craft brewer can only be labeled as such in the US if they meet these criteria:
   Annual production of less than 6 million barrels of beer per year
3. Ganesha, one of Hinduism’s most worshiped deities, holds an ax in one of his four arms. What is it used for?
   Removing obstacles
4. Who is the world’s largest brewer?
5. How many named points are on an ax?
   6 parts on axe head & 5 parts on axe handle
6. When the pilgrims ran low on beer while sailing, they decided they had to do this.
   They stopped at Plymouth Rock
7. What kind of wood are axe handles in the US typically made of?
   American Hickory
8. President Theodore Roosevelt once brought how many gallons of beer on an African safari?
   500 gallons
9. What does WATL stand for?
   World Axe Throwing League
10. Which country is the biggest consumer of Guinness?
   United Kingdom
11. Competitive axe throwing debuted on ESPN on this date:
12. Per capita, which country is the largest consumer of beer?
   Czech Republic
13. The first ax, used in the Stone Age, was missing this:
   It was missing the axe handle
14. As the second most popular beverage around the world there is only one beverage that outdoes beer; what is it?
15. What did the superhero, Thor, name his axe?
16. The puritans bought more beer than this when they sailed over on the mayflower:
17. What year did Oktoberfest, in Munich Germany, become an official celebration?
18. This Ivy League school built a brewery as one of its first buildings. They wanted to make sure students had plenty of beer to drink in the dining hall. Which college is it?
19. How many countries participate in the world axe throwing league?
20. How many gallons are in a barrel of beer?
21. The Labyrinth Palace in Crete was created around 25 BC; what does Labyrinth mean?
   Elaborate and confusing structure. Kept the monster, Minotaur at bay in Greek mythology
22. This was once banned in Texas because it provided a beer recipe.
23. Who is the patron saint of brewing?
24. When and where did the first axe throwing bar open?
   Toronto in 2011
25. According to Greek mythology Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths, struck Zeus, Father of the Gods, over the head with his double-headed axe. What happened after this event?
   Athena, goddess of wisdom, is said to have leapt from the cloven head of Zeus, fully grown and armed.
26. The first brewery in North America opened in 1844 in this city and state:
   Evansville, Indiana

We hope this helps you get through the boredom of quarantine! Have fun with your friends and family playing this trivia game.