Craft Axe Throwing

Things to do in Fort Mill

In the last two years, South Carolina has steadily topped the list of destinations people are moving to. The coastal climate, the proximity to beaches and mountains, the culture–you name it, South Carolina has got it! Columbia, the state capital, is full of that small-town feel, yet has the big city vibe. Coming in as SC’s second-largest city, Columbia provides its residents and guests with a wide variety of things to experience, making a trip (or move) worth every moment! With so many opportunities to experience the city, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 5 things to do while in Columbia!

  1. Amor Artis Brewing – As one of Fort Mills’ most popular breweries, Amor Artis provides its patrons with quality craft beer and wine in a relaxed environment. The location in downtown Fort Mill is the perfect spot to end a day of sightseeing, or join them at one of their events, such as live music on Wednesday nights. 
  2. Fort Mill History Museum – Carve out an hour or so and take a step back in time by visiting the Fort Mill History Museum. With no admission fee, this walkthrough will give you a glimpse into the past of Fort Mill, with artifacts and donated pieces given by residents to provide a real-life look at what life was like throughout time. In addition, you can reach out to the Museum to inquire about their self-guided outdoor walking tour through downtown Fort Mill.
  1. PuckerButt Pepper Company – Add a little spice to your life by visiting PuckerButt Pepper Company. With a wide variety of sauces, seeds and miscellaneous items, you’ll definitely be feeling the heat! Many of the company’s sauces feature the infamous Carolina Reaper pepper, and their sauce has been used in the series “Hot Ones.” Try their pepper-infused chocolates to add the heat to the sweet.
  1. Craft Axe Throwing – While it’s not quite open yet, we’re going to throw this on the list. Founded in 2018 in Greenville, SC, Craft Axe Throwing has grown to 12 locations, with the newest being right here in Fort Mill. With a team that will train you in the ways of the Vikings and provide a variety of craft and domestic beers or seltzers while you throw sharp axes, you’ll find Craft Axe Throwing will give you an experience that will keep you coming back to hone in on your new favorite hobby.

1..Anne Springs Close Greenway This gem is nestled by lakes and trees, spanning over 2,100 acres and boasting over 35 miles of trails that are available for hiking or biking. In addition, The Greenway has goat yoga, kayaking, and visiting the stable all included in the daily admission price of $12/person. If you’re wanting to spend a little more, reserve a guided trail ride on horseback! The Gateway Canteen provides food and drinks for adults and kids alike. 

Honorable Mention: Fort Mill is home to the Drum Corps, an International member, Carolina Crown. If you’re into exciting music, you’ll want to check their website for upcoming tours and performances around the area.

Fort Mill’s rapid expansion is providing opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy a taste of city and suburban life. Make the most of your next visit to this side of the Carolina border by experiencing the list above, or curating your own agenda! Either way, Fort Mill will be a trip to remember.