League Rules

Age Requirements

Craft Axe has a minimum age of 18 years of age for league play.  Unless legal guardian signs waiver.

Pre-Game Rules

Warm Up Throws

  1. Players may have up to 2 practice throws prior to their official match, the league will allow more practice throws during the practice hour.
  2. The axe throwing referee will notify players when their match will commence.

Game Play

  1. Each league night allows every participant 4 matches.
  2. Each match is played against a different opponent, selected at random and consists of the following:
    1. 10 throws per match
    2. In each match, players will take 5 throws and then switch sides.
    3. The winner of the match will be the person with the most points after 10 throws.
    4. In the event of a tie after 10 throws, there will be sudden death:
      1. Players use rock, paper, scissors to determine who throws first:  winner chooses;
      2. The players will throw again (11th time) and the winner will be the person that scores the higher points during that throw.
      3. If tie again, they must continue with sudden death until there is a winner.
      4. Points are not counted during sudden death.
  3. A win or a loss will then be recorded.


  1. 5 points for the bullseye
  2. 3 points for the 2nd ring
  3. 2 points for the 3rd ring
  4. 1 point for the 4th ring
  5. 6 points for the blue circles on the 10th throw only, otherwise 1 point.



  1. If the axe is in 2 rings, then the player will be awarded the points for the higher valued ring.
  2. The axe must remain in the target for the throw to count.
  3. Players must throw at the same time.  Players cannot delay in hopes that their opponents axe may fall out of the target.
  4. The points count regardless of how the axe is sticking to the target. (back of the blade, shaft, etc..)


  1. Craft Axe league players are allowed to throw axes in one of two ways:
    1. 1 hand holding the axe & over or behind the head.
    2. 2 hands holding the axe @ over or behind the head.
  1. The axe must make approx. 1 rotation in order for it to count.


  1. Players must not cross the taped off line when throwing the axe

Attendance & Absences

  1. If a player arrives late or doesn’t show:
    1. The player that was schedule to go against them will perform 10 throws and have their points recorded and will automatically win the match
    2. The late player will automatically lose and a zero for all throws.
  1.  Exceptions are allowed with consent of opposing player and approval from referee.


  1. Make up missed matches?  Must give 1 day notice.


  1. Top 16 players or top 75% with most points will make it to the final week of playoffs.
  2. Match-ups:
    1. The player with the highest score will throw against the player with the lowest score. The second highest vs. the second lowest score and etc for the rest of the match-ups.
  1. The winner: will be the person who wins 3 out of 5 matches

League Board

  1. Keeps track of champions names for each league