Tips on How to Throw an Axe

Here in Memphis, Tennessee at Craft Axe Throwing, we value safety over everything, without taking away the fun of the game. This is why we encourage bringing your friends and family to have fun at our place. 

Axe throwing can be a new scary experience,  filled with excitement for those who have never done it before. 

Still, throwing an axe to a dartboard is not as hard as it might sound. It just takes learning the correct steps on how to do it to learn how to play. 

Here we will give you some tips on how to throw an axe, and if you are already experienced at the game, then this could serve as a good refresher. 

Look for a Target

This seems self-explanatory, but it can surprise the number of people that forget to complete this crucial first step. You must have a target before you decide to throw the ax. If you throw your ax mindlessly, you might end up throwing at everything else but the dartboard. 

You want your axe to hit at least one of the five-point of the dartboard since that is the point of the game. This is the part that tests your accuracy, and what makes this activity more fun. 

Get a Good Grip of Your Axe

Before releasing your axe, you want to get a tight grip on its handle. This enhances your comfortability with the axe and the likelihood that it will hit the dartboard increases as well. 

Use both of your hands, and make sure you have a good grip of your axe to have better results during the game. 

Ensure that the Area in Which You Stand is Clear

Make sure that your area of throwing is clear, with no obstacles that can cause you to commit an accident. Employees at Craft Throwing Axe will be there to help you, but it is always safe to check that there is nothing that might bother you during the throw. 

This will keep yourself safe, and others during the throw. 

Relax your Arms and Shoulders

Every time we throw something, we tend to tense our bodies before doing it. In this case, if you are looking for accuracy, you don’t have to be tense all the time during the ax throwing. Just relax your shoulders and arms, and prepare for the throw. 

Having your shoulders tense all the time can make it harder for you to throw your ax in the direction you want. 

Prepare for the Throw

Here, you just prepare for the throw. You lift your axe and move it back and forth on the back of your head with both of your arms. Look that there is nothing around you, to be safe from any interference, and throw the axe. 

Remember to take a deep breath before each throw, and try to relax your arms while you do this. Do not throw too hard, otherwise, this can interfere with your throw and cause your accuracy to decrease. 

Have Fun

Finally, the most important step of all –to have fun. Enjoy every minute of your axe throwing experience. Again, our instructors will be there for you whenever you need help, making sure that all of the safety measures are implementing, to keep you safe, as well as your family and friends!

Come to Craft Axe Throwing in Memphis, TN, and we will provide you with one of the coolest and unique experiences that this city can provide to you.