Craft Axe Throwing

Celebrate Your Love – Memphis, TN

Indecisive about where to take your significant other for the most romantic day of the year? Valentine’s Day is a day of romance and sentimentality. It should be enjoyed by all, but it can often become an impossible task when one has too many options available to them! Memphis is rich in culture and history and many people might feel overwhelmed on how to choose the best Valentine’s Day plan to fit the personalities of both people. Luckily though, we’ve compiled a list of options for you that will surely hit the spot without breaking your budget or their heart!

  1. SHELBY FARMS PARK – The perfect way to spend a romantic evening is at Shelby Farms Park! Whether you’re looking for an activity that will get your heart rate up or something more relaxing, there are plenty of options in this 4,500-acre park. For those who want their photos taken with nature itself as backdrops rather than just cityscapes from afar, this is perfect! Give canoeing on one of the lakes a try, take a stroll, and settle down for a nice picnic at one of the pavilions.
  1. OLD MILLINGTON WINERY AND VINEYARD – If you want to do something that feels like a classic Valentine’s Day, take a drive out to Old Millington Winery and Vineyard! Award-winning wine and a romantic atmosphere will make for an unforgettable day. In addition, check dates for live music to add to the memories!
  1. OLD DOMINICK DISTILLERY – Ever wanted to tour a distillery? Now’s your chance! The Old Dominick Distilleries are hosting special Valentine’s Day tours where you can get into the “spirit” of things with some delicious samples and history of Memphis in between. Starting at just $15 per person, the tour ensures an exciting experience that’ll leave both taste buds tingling.
  1. CRAFT AXE THROWING – Why not throw in some friendly competition to your romantic weekend? With local craft beers available for purchase, Craft Axe Throwing provides a unique Valentine’s Day experience by giving you the training to throw hatchets and hit the bullseye with your sweetheart (both figuratively and literally!)
  1. BEALE STREET – When you’re looking for a good time and fresh food, there is no place like Beale Street. With so many bars to choose from in one block distance, it won’t be hard to find what your heart desires here! From live music performances every night of the week–whether country or those famous Blues–you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience while visiting this historic district that never sleeps. A walk down what the locals call “Be All” will reveal why Memphis has become known nationwide: its charm shines through buildings, making for a fun and memorable Valentine’s Day.

Memphis is a great place to spend Valentine’s Day. From romantic walks and axe throwing, there are plenty of experiences for you and your sweetie to do together. If you’re looking for something different than the traditional dinner and a movie, give these activities a try! 

If you are looking for a great time in Memphis, make sure to reserve your lane today!