Why You Should Visit in Downtown Memphis

If you live near Downtown Memphis, and you are wanting some fun for yourself and your friends, then axe throwing will be one of the most engaging, and fun activities you will do here. This is a game that you and your friends can play –at no risk at all. 

Here at Craft Axe Throwing, we have one of the best trainers in the field, that will ensure that you and your company are taking the safest pathways to make this possible. And if you haven’t done any axe throwing in your life, or don’t even know what it is, then we will explain it here for you to know. 

What is Axe Throwing, and How Do You Play It?

Well, axe throwing is a modern sport that started as competitions for Lumberjacks in North America, but then it was adopted as a sport due to the creation of Axe Throwing leagues which popularized the game. It expanded to many places across the U.S, Canada and even Thailand.

If you have ever played with a dartboard before, you will immediately know what the main goal of Axe throwing is: to aim as close as possible to the bullseye. The closer you get to the middle point, the more points you earn while doing this. 

And if you haven’t played the sport before, we will teach you how to do it. We have multiple instructors that will teach you how to throw axes safely as long as you’re old enough to do it. If you are new, you’re not going to be alone in this new, and fun adventure. 

Here in Craft Axe Throwing we conduct a variety of events, and activities you can while you’re in our bar. This can be a perfect place for date nights, and team-building trips along with coworkers. Not only do you play with axes, but you have also the ability to drink with your peers while doing so. 

But one of the most fun activities you can do while being here is, to include yourself in a league.

What are Leagues? 

Leagues are, as the name implies, competitive groups that you can create to compete with one another. This safe rivalry between groups makes the game more fun and engaging as you compete for your way to be the winner of the night. 

To play this, you need to register and make reservations online before coming. Still, Walk-Ins are welcome as well to the business. 

Again, if you live anywhere near Memphis, Tennessee, we encourage you to come to our place and see for yourself what real fun looks like. What sounds better than playing with axes, while drinking a beer with your friends?

If you’re looking to have a good time throwing axes, come see us at Craft Axe Throwing Memphis!