World Axe Throwing Leagues

If you are looking for an axe-throwing league near Memphis, Tennessee, and you wish to compete with others by showcasing your axe throwing experiences, here at Craft Axe Throwing we offer customers the opportunity to be part of one. 

Axe throwing leagues are the perfect place to be competitive alongside your friend, and trash talk others while enjoying a casual time through a team-oriented activity. 

And for those who don’t know what axe throwing leagues are, we will explain them in this article for you. 

What is an Axe Throwing League? 

Just as the name denotes, an axe-throwing league is a sport that allows people to compete with each other. This activity consists of having various groups of players compete to win the grand prize, with the players with the most points becoming the possible winners of the night. 

Leagues are a perfect activity to connect with coworkers, and friends while creating a competitive and friendly atmosphere against each other. Craft Axe Throwing at Memphis, TN offers perks to their league members. 

How Do You Create a League at Craft Axe Throwing? 

To be able to participate in axe throwings at Craft Axe Throwing, you need to pay for the season in which you desire to play and attend the various practice sessions that are offered at our bar. 

The perks that league players receive once they purchase one of the seasons, which comes with the standard price, and the dual league option, are the following:

  • The ability to purchase your axe
  • You have 2 free 1-hour individual walk-in sessions
  • You receive 1 free shirt

There are practice sessions that you can look at by visiting the Craft Axe Throwing website. 

Are There Any Prizes For The Winners?

Yes, there are prizes for the winner, and it all depends on the seasons. As of right now, the first and second place winners are the only places that receive a prize.