College Night is Wednesday Night at Craft Axe Throwing!

College students now get to throw unlimited axes every Wednesday! $15/hour cover gets you unlimited axe throws!

All students are welcome. Must be 21 and over to purchase alcohol. Student ID is required.

Walk-ins only. First come, first serve.

Students taking advantage of the discount cannot make an online reservation.*

*If you are not going to be using the discount, our online reservation is still available for you!

Every Wednesday

  • 5 lanes reserved. First come, first serve!
  • “Throw axes for up to 2 hours for a discounted price of $15/hour”
  • College night will last for two hours.
  • If you are 21, our bar is open for you!
  • *Not all locations may have cider or wine available.
  • **College night is from 7-9pm except Springfield (5-7pm)

Brand Ambassador

Get Rewarded!
  • Want to become a brand ambassador for Craft Axe Throwing? It’s super easy and rewarding!
  • During college night, take a photo of your experience at Craft Axe and post on Instagram tagging us
  • Show a Craft Axe Team Member the photo you posted on Instagram
  • Receive free Craft Axe Merch or a gift card!
  • Becoming a Brand Ambassador is super easy and fun! Make sure to tag us (@craftaxethrowing) and use the official Craft Axe Throwing hashtag: #BullseyeSelfie.


This year, we are offering a College Night League every Wednesday of this semester. Beginning on the second hour of college night, everyone will be given the option on whether to participate in  a single round of competitve play. The competition will be one game of axe throwing, and the person with the highest score of the night will win a prize! Compete to find out who is the axe throwing champion of the week!

League Details:

  • Will begin the second hour of college night (most locations this will be 8pm)
  • Single game of 10 rounds
  • The person with the highest score each week will receive free merchandise
  • Highest scores will be logged each week
  • Highest score at end of the semester wins a Craft Axe Throwing gift card

*Not required to participate if you come to college night

Ready to throw axes? Find a Craft Axe Throwing location nearest you!

Find Locations

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