Terms & Conditions apply.*


Regular Groups

The following pricing only applies to groups of 8 or fewer people.

1-8 People

2-Hour Throwing Session
$36/person, per session

Large Groups

Large groups consist of 9 or more people. Minimum 90-minute session.
The following pricing does not apply to peak hours (Fridays & Saturdays 4pm – 8pm).

Why this duration?
After months of testing, we’ve decided the best minimum duration for large group sessions is 90 minutes. This is due to the loss in session time and delayed check-in/out associated with staggered arrival/departure times that we typically experience with large groups. This allows our staff more time to prepare groups and ensures that your group enjoys their full session.

Peak Hours*

Peak hour pricing only applies to groups of 9 or more participants during high-traffic hours (4pm – 8pm on Fridays and Saturdays).
*NOTE: On account of the pandemic crisis, peak hour pricing does NOT apply at this time. Ask your local Craft Axe Throwing venue for details.

Why this price?

We have determined our prices for axe throwing based on the local market for the industry with expenses like wood, alcohol, liability coverage, and employee wages considered. We also have to consider the added expense of event coordinators and additional session time for larger groups.
Because larger groups require more lanes, we often must block off up to a full hour of otherwise available time before and after an event to allow for adequate room. Because of this, we have adjusted our peak hour pricing to minimize losses, meet expenses, offer better availability to more customers, and allow us to continue providing a quality experience for everyone.
Remember: we do offer discounts, promotions, and competitive pricing! Visit your local Craft Axe Throwing page for details.

Facility Rental

Pricing vaires.

*Reservation fee includes one hour of gameplay for one person**. Remaining group guests will pay upon arrival. Applicable sales tax will be added at point of purchase. Reservations for large groups (9 or more participants) require a minimum session duration of 90 minutes and the collection of credit card information. Cards will be charged a $150 fee in the event that the group fails to show or cancels within 24 hours of their scheduled event. See Terms & Conditions for more details.

**NOTE: On account of the pandemic crisis, deposits and cancellation fees does NOT apply at this time. Ask your local Craft Axe Throwing venue for details.


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