Craft Axe Throwing

Knoxville TN to Get Axe Throwing Facility

We are extremely excited to announce that Knoxville TN will be the newest destination for axe throwing. The Knoxville location will be the first location in Tennessee for Craft Axe to open. Craft Axe Throwing also has a location in West Knoxville.

As of now, we do not have an opening date to announce. However, if you would like to stay current on all things Craft Axe Throwing, follow us on Facebook by clicking here.

What is axe throwing? We like to compare it to a mix between darts and bowling. Darts, because our target board looks and operates much like a dart board. Bowling, because our axe throwing lanes are divided similarly to a bowling lane in a bowling alley.

We will have a bar on location! Grab your friends, enjoy a local brew, and compete with your friends in axe throwing competitions! We look forward to opening our first location in Knoxville TN.